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Case Studies

Exploring Rental Housing (Peppercorn, 2015)

Success Stories from the Field (Giddings, 2012)

Global Development Issues

Women and Secure Property Rights: A How-To Primer on Effective Reform in Developing Countries

Gender and Property Rights: A Critical Issue in Urban Economic Development (Rabenhorst and Bean, 2011)

Adapting to Climate Change: Cities and the Urban Poor (Feiden, 2011)

Housing Challenges and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa (Giddings, 2007)

In-Depth Regional Reports

Homeowners’ Associations in Central and Eastern Europe: Opportunities and Challenges for the Real Estate Market Two Decades After Privatization (Rabenhorst, 2012)

Homeowners Associations in the Former Soviet Union: Stalled on the Road to Reform (Lipman, 2012)

Haiti Shelter Sector Assessment (Painter, 2011)

Executive Summary
Full Report
Short Summary in Creole

Urban Upgrading in South Africa: Policy & Reality (Martin, 2010)

It All Depends: Buying and Selling Houses in Rio’s Favelas (Perlman, 2010)

The Land Market in Kampala, Uganda and its Effect on Settlement Patterns (Giddings, 2008)

Foreign Assistance Financing and Policy

The Implementation of the Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act 2008-2010 (Giddings, 2011)

Full Report

Proposal for a New USAID Approach to Programming for the Urban Poor (Giddings, 2009)

The Challenge of an Urban World: An Opportunity for U.S. Foreign Assistance
The Challenge of an Urban World: IHC Recommendations to Improve U.S. Foreign Assistance

Multilateral and Bilateral Fundings of Housing and Slum Upgrading: Development in Developing Countries (Shea, 2008)

Estimate of Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Urban and Shelter-Based Investments (Lombardo, 2008)

Urban Investments and Rates of Return: Assessing MCC’s Approach to Project Evaluation (Kalarickal, 2007)

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