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USAID Administrator sworn in by Secretary of State
IHC Participates in the NAR Conference in Las Vegas
IHC Publishes Report on the Millennium Challenge Corporation
IHC Hosts USAID Reunion
Thanks to Terry Rogers
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Volume 1, Issue 5 December 2007
USAID Administrator sworn in by Secretary of State

Henrietta H. Fore sworn-in as USAID Administrator

On December 13, 2007 Henrietta H. Fore was sworn in by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as the 15th Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  Fore concurrently serves as the Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and chairs the National Security Council's Policy Coordinating Committee on Development. She was designated by President Bush as Acting Administrator of USAID and by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as Acting Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance on May 7, 2007. Prior to this appointment, Fore served as the Undersecretary for Management in the U.S. Department of State from August 2005 to November 2007, and as a Director of the U.S. Mint in the U.S. Department of Treasury from August 2001 to August 2005. In addition, she served as a Presidential appointee at USAID from 1989 to 1993, first as Assistant Administrator to Private Enterprise and then Assistant Administrator for Asia. During this period, she founded and served as the first Chairman of the United States Asia Environmental Partnership, a coalition of business, government and community organizations in the United States and 31 Asian nations. Fore was also a founder of the Financial Services Volunteer Corp.

IHC Participates in the NAR Conference in Las Vegas
IHC Awarded a $30,000 Grant from the Reaume Foundation

Bob Dubinsky and Jack Howley represented the IHC at the National Association of Realtors (NAR) annual conference and expo in Las Vegas, Nevada November 12-15, 2007. Thirty thousand real estate professionals attended the conference. More than 10% of those attending live outside the United States.  Sixty eight real estate organizations from around the world were present as well as the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) which is setting up an Internet based system for selling real property internationally. Dubinsky reported to the NAR International Operations Committee and to ICREA on the activities of the IHC. Dubinsky and Howley also made a presentation to the Reaume Foundation requesting funding for participation in the UN-Habitat World Urban Forum which will take place in Nanjing, China in October 2008. The Foundation approved a grant of $30,000 to the IHC. Five additional associations become affiliates of NAR: the National Association of Realtors of India, the Belize National Association of Realtors, Confederation Europeenne de l'Immobilier, the Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association (Thailand) and the Real Estate Information Center (Thailand). The new president of NAR is Richard F. "Dick" Gaylord from Long Beach, California.

IHC Publishes Report on the Millennium Challenge Corporation
IHC Report Assesses MCC's Approach to Project Evaluation

The International Housing Coalition's (IHC) recently published a report that assesses how the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) uses rates of return analyses to assess proposals from qualifying countries requesting the award of a compact and evaluates the usefulness of this approach in estimating economic growth and poverty alleviation potential. The report, Urban Investments and Rates of Return: Assessing MCC's Approach to Project Evaluation, supports the IHC's efforts to focus more attention and resources on the issues of urbanization and poor housing in the developing world. The  mission of the IHC is to raise the priority of housing and urban investments on the international development agenda. Click here to download the MCC report.

IHC Hosts USAID Reunion

IHC  Hosts Gathering for Alumni of the Urban Programs Office

In conjunction with the USAID mission directors' conference the IHC hosted a get together on October 23 for former staff members of the Office of Urban Programs. The event attracted 40 former and current USAID staff. Peter Kimm former director of the Office and current chairman of the board of the IHC briefed the gathering on the objectives of the IHC and the progress it had achieved.  Among those attending were the following mission directors: Jay Knott (Jordan); Bill Frej (Kazakhstan); Howard Sumka (West Bank/Gaza); Harry Birnholz (Honduras); Carlene Dei ( South Africa); Alexi Panahal (Ecuador); George Deikun (India) and Paul Weisenfeld (Peru).  

Thanks to Terry Rogers
Terry Rogers Returns to Portland, Oregon

While on a trip to Mexico Terry Rogers' husband had a stroke. He is making a progressive recovery, but Terry decided to return to Portland, Oregon to take care of him. Terry made an important contribution to the IHC over the past year and spearheaded the IHC's membership development, fund raising and outreach efforts. The IHC wishes to thank Terry for her efforts and wish her and her husband all the best for 2008.