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Federal Budget Update

By Anjali Bean (Research and Policy Associate, IHC)
June 28, 2013

Negotiations continue as both the House and Senate attempt to solidify the FY2014 budget before the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1st. Much of the recent focus has been on 302(b) allocations. These allocations represent the division of the entire federal budget into sections that each subcommittee then allocates to specific programs and accounts.

Of particular interest to the IHC is the State and Foreign Operations allocation. Both the House and the Senate have released their 302(b) allocations and there will have to be significant negotiations in order to find a compromise between the two. The Senate allocations were passed with a vote entirely along party lines; this is unusual for the appropriations process and does not bode well for any upcoming compromises. And compromise will be needed, with the Senate’s State and Foreign Operations base funding allocation nearly 30% higher than the House’s.

It is considered highly unlikely, given the wide discrepancies in many of the allocations, that any separate appropriations bills will be able to pass both the House and Senate, and nearly impossible that they will do so before the October 1st deadline. As in previous years, a continuing resolution (CR) will almost certainly be needed to extend the negotiation process, if not replace it all together.

Read more about the budget process here and view the full House and Senate allocations here and here.

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